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#19670 (the VIN of this car, indicating it was the 9670th of the 10501 cars built) was purchased new in 1975 in California. It was last registered for the road in 1984 in New Hampshire. After that it sat in a junkyard until 1997, at which time the previous owner bought it as a restoration project. The first thing he did was take it 2/3 of the way apart and put the parts in bags, cans, buckets and boxes. I must say he did a reasonably good job of labeling the parts that he removed. He also pulled the engine and sent it out to a machine shop to be rebuilt. I think after that was done he realized that he was in way over his head and the car sat in his garage for another six years. Fast forward to spring of 2003. I run an auto body shop (but am not a body man, just a car nut) and thought that I would get myself a project car to keep myself busy on those days when there wasn't much for me to do. My brother in law is a retired factory certified Lotus mechanic, so I took him with me on the 4 hour drive to check this car out. It was in really rough shape, but mechanically it seemed sound, and having a body shop, I was in a better position than most people to bring this thing back from the dead. Once I got it to the shop, my wife came down to check it out. Her first reaction was to turn to her brother and say, "Why did you let my husband by such a piece of shit?" After that, all I could do was roll up my sleeves and get to work, to prove to her that there was a diamond under all that rust.

Here is a little table that I put together to show a comparison between the 1974 Jensen Healey and the 2004 Mazda Miata. It may not seem that the JH is a screamer, but if you consider the technological developments in the automotive industry over the course of 30 years, you should be able to appreciate what a true performance car the Jensen Healey is compared to one of its contemporaries, the Triumph TR6.

1974 Jensen Healey - JH52004 Mazda Miata - MX-51974 Triumph TR6
EngineLotus type 907, inline 4 cylinder inclined at 45 degreesMazda inline 4 cylinderTriumph inline 6 cylinder
Horsepower140 bhp @ 6500rpm142 bhp @ 7000rpm101 bhp @ 4900rpm
Torque130 lb/ft @ 5000rpm125 lb/ft @ 5500rpm128 lb/ft @ 3000rpm
CamshaftsTwin overhead camshafts, dual inlet and exhaust valvesTwin overhead camshafts, dual inlet and exhaust valvessingle camshaft, pushrod operated single inlet and exhaust valves
Bore & Stroke3.75in (95.2mm) X 2.73in (69.3mm)3.27in (83.1mm) X 3.35in (85.1mm)2.94in (79.7mm) X 3.74in (95mm)
Displacement120.5 cu. in. (1973cc)112.2 cu. in. (1839cc)152 cu. in. (2498cc)
Compression Ratio8.4:110:17.75:1
CrankshaftFully balanced 5 main bearings
LubricationSump capacity 12.3 pints (7 liters), full flow oil filter Sump Capacity 10.8 pints
Fuel SystemTwin Zenith-Stromberg carburettorsFuel InjectionTwin Zenith-Stromberg carburettors
Fuel Capacity13 gallons US, 50 liters12.7 gallons US, 48.7 liters11.4 gallons US, 43 liters
TransmissionGetrag close ratio 5 speed5 speed overdrive4 speed (optional electric overdrive in 3rd & 4th)
Gear Ratios1st 3.368:1, 2nd 2.16:1, 3rd 1.58:1, 4th 1.24:1, 5th 1:11st 3.14:1, 2nd 1.89:1, 3rd 1.33:1, 4th 1:1, 5th 0.81:11st 2.99:1, 2nd 2.10:1, 3rd 1.39:1, 4th 1:1
DifferentialHypoid rear axle. Ratio 3.45:1Ratio 4.30:1Hypoid bevel gears, Ratio: 3.7:1
Suspension - FrontIndependant, double wishbone, coil springs and telescoping dampersDouble wishbone, gas shocks, anti-roll bar
Suspension - RearLive axle, four links, coil springs and telescoping dampersDouble wishbone, gas shocks, anti-roll barSemi-floating axle shafts
Brakes - FrontDisc - 10in (254mm) diameter, Swept area 194 sq in (1250cm²)Disc - 10.6in (269mm) diameterDisc - 10.9in (277mm) diameter
Brakes - RearDrum - 9in (229mm) diameter, Swept area 99 sq in (640cm²)Disc - 10.9in (277mm) diameterDrum - 9in (229mm) diameter
SteeringRack and pinion. 3.16 turns lock to lock. Ratio 16.3:1Power assisted rack and pinion. 2.7 turns lock to lock.Rack and Pinion, 3.25 turns lock to lock
Turning Circle32 feet (9753mm)30.2 feet (9205mm)34 feet (1040 mm)
Wheels and Tires13in (330mm) cast aluminum, 205/60 HR1316in (406mm) cast aluminum, 205/45 WR1615in (381mm) Steel Disc, 185SR15
Length13ft 6in (4113mm)12ft 11in (3945mm)13ft 7in (4155mm)
Width5ft 3½in (1508mm)5ft 6in (1678mm)4ft 10in (1470mm)
Height - Soft Top3ft 11½in (1210mm)4ft 4in (1228mm)4ft 2in (12705mm)
Wheelbase7ft 8in (2337mm)7ft 5½in (2265)7ft 4in (2240mm)
Track - Front4ft 5½in (1354mm)4ft 7½in (1415mm)4ft 2¼in (1276mm)
Track - Rear4ft 4½in (1332mm)4ft 8½in (1440mm)4ft 1¾in (1264mm)
Ground Clearance5in (127mm)4in (102mm)6in (152mm)
Weight2116 lbs (960 kgs)2447 lbs (1110 kgs)2624 lbs (1190 kgs)
Head Room35in (889mm)37.1in (942mm)
Leg Room42.5in (1080mm)42.8in (1086mm)
0-607.8 seconds8.1 seconds10.7 seconds
0-10024.7 seconds23.2 seconds39.0 seconds
Quarter Mile16.2 seconds @ 85mph16.1 seconds @ 85.3mph17.9 seconds @ 77mph

SCCA Club Racing School in a 1968 MGB #1 #2

SCCA Club Racing

Eastern Jensen Nationals - 2003, 2004, 2008