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The eBay shots


The Arrival Day


The body comes off


The frame undergoes repairs


The repaired frame gets primed and ready for paint


And the frame is done


The body goes back on


Pictures of the wiring so I can tell where everything goes when I put it back together


The body work begins to repair the accident damage from almost 30 years ago


This week I started putting the new sheet metal on the car. Its beginning to look like a car again


I was able to get the engine compartment and passenger compartment painted today.


Today I put the engine back in the car.


Finally had a chance to get the body work done and primer the car.


The car is painted, these are the shots with the base coat on, but no clear coat


And here are the shots with the clear coat on


When I did the Jensen Healey, I put Dynamat Extreme down on the floor for sound/heat insulation. I did the same on the TR6, plus I put it on the underside of hood


A couple of shots of the dashboard going back in.


I'm further along into the assembly. At least now all the major parts of the car are connected to each other again.


Bolting more bits and pieces on.


Interior Shots (Triumph interiors are a pain in the ass, do yourself a favor, do a Jensen Healey interior instead)


Just a few more exterior shots, after 18 months, it is almost done